Some things don't change

by Sydney Franklin

Set inside a tiny brown box with "enjoy" written on the top in classic purple gel pen was the most simple yet profound piece of jewelry I've ever purchased. This week I received this little mountain ring from Etsy. I bought it so that I would never forget, no matter how much time I spend in the city, that I come from the mountains. Those who lived there with me have made me who I am.

On another note, in no way can I support my writing style from two years ago. So. Many. Choppy. Sentences. But, I can back up my reasons for feeling the way I did in this article from the Johnson City Press. I'm reposting it here in remembrance of everyone and everything and everyplace I've ever loved. Plus, it just goes so well with the new purchase. 

I'll quote myself for kicks: "Essentially, the high mount of the city [Tijuana] reminded me that whether I live on the East or West Coast, there will always be a mountain somewhere, just a few hours away – a big hill even – to remind me of my roots in Johnson City. And let's be honest: While the sky is beautiful, it is empty. And I'd much rather see a mountain or a cityscape paired with the sky than a highway stretched in front of me." 

Still true, my friends. Still true.