Our Creed - Life, understood.

by Sydney Franklin

This little ode to shoes comes from Holly Brubach's 1986 Dedicated Follower of Fashion, where she traces the importance of shoes in our culture and why women are so attracted toward shoe stores when walking down the street. My shoes have always held part of my identity. Through them, you get a glimpse of what I'm about. And she's right, buying a new pair of perfect shoes is unlike any other shopping experience we have. We're all very picky, really, when it comes to buying them. So think to yourself, why do I like this and not that and how does my mood change when I put down cold, hard cash for a knee-high boot? For me, it's this: starting anew. 

"We believe in shoes as a force for change in the world, as a talismanic means of putting the past immediately behind us, of buying into the future of hastening its arrival.

We believe that the world is a disconcerting place to live; that, despite considerable evidence to the contrary, everything may yet turn out all right; and that there is no telling what tomorrow might bring.

In buying new shoes we signal to the gods that though we are down, we are down, we are not yet out."