One of the great design challenges of our time: Rebuilding Architecture

by Sydney Franklin

We must reconnect architecture with the people who actually use it. What do the people want? What does it mean for a building to be human? Why don't architects listen? A thought-provoking piece in the NYT by Steven Bingler and Martin C. Pedersen. Check it out.

"We've taught generations of architects to speak out as artists, but we haven't taught them how to listen. So when crisis has called upon our profession to step up – in New York, for example, post-9/11, and in New Orleans after Katrina – we have failed to give the public good reason to trust us."

"Reconnecting architecture with its users – rediscovering the radical middle, where we meet, listen and truly collaborate with the public, speak a common language and still advance the art of architecture – is long overdue. It's also one of the great design challenges of our time."