Going public is the hardest

by Sydney Franklin

"The British have a wonderful and terrible cynicism. This skepticism is a great quality because it can burst bubbles and debunk bullshit, but I didn't ever want to be hardened or cynical myself – I've always believed that you must just work out for yourself what's the best thing to do and believe the best of your fellow man. Don't cut back your ambition. I've forfeited doing other kinds of projects to do public work – we're not doing anyone's private home, any golf clubs in Nanjing. All our projects are public, that's what excites us, but they're the hardest, because everyone's got an opinion. It's learning how to navigate that without becoming cynical.

We're all interested in ideas. We're all here together trying to make things better, or make a difference. And that sounds dumb, the most inane thing to say, but in those rare moments when you get the feeling that it was worth it, that fulfills you and sustains you, and when a project feels like it has managed to make a difference, it tends to give people more encouragement that things are possible."

Architect Thomas Heatherwick on his Garden Bridge (Britain) proposal 

Icon Magazine