Being in love with something is never silly.

by Sydney Franklin

To quote the end of Susan Orlean's piece "A Passion for Writing" from the nonfiction writer's guide Telling True Stories, here is a summation of my sentiments exactly:

"Bring to your work the sense of excitement and discovery that kids have. We're all mature adults who have seen and done a lot. Still, when you go out to find a story, do it with a sense of delight.

When I write about a ten-year-old boy, his wisdom about ten-year-old-hood is far greater than mine. Regardless of the subject's expertise, we can learn from it. We each have something we feel we have mastered. Remember this as you head out into the world. In different people this quality ranges from the genuinely wonderful to the mildly psychotic, but it's never silly. It's about being in love with something – and love is never silly."