Give Holiday Retail the credit it deserves

by Sydney Franklin

First, I love this photo. It has architecture. It has people. It's compelling. It's crazy. It literally shows the time of day, takes place at a historic location and on a national holiday. 

Second, Word to Richard Florida in this article by CityLab . Let's give people more credit.

"And the holiday is, of course, the season of the retail worker...the seven companies hiring the most seasonal help for the 2014 holiday will employ 400,000 workers alone."  

It is estimated that if the minimum wage were raised to compensate for the cost of living in dense and expensive areas, the following would be true by 2017: Washington D.C.: $13.51; San Fran: $13.37; Boston $12.85; New York: $12.25 and Seattle: $11.85. 

Whoa. What are the chances of this happening, you guys?