Condé Nast moves in to 1WTC – a victory to say the least

by Sydney Franklin

I'm so proud to hear that the first wave of employees at Condé Nast moved in to 1 World Trade Center yesterday. The New York Times published a fantastic piece on the building's corporate resurgence and I highly recommend that you read it. One quote stood out to me in particular by a young 25-year-old employee on the cautiousness many people are experiencing as they step into the building for the first time: 

"I can understand the fear behind it. [But] if you live in fear, you can't get anything done in your life." 

Agreed. And thank you. This is a lesson I'm finally starting to learn... If this guy can go to work everyday in a place like that expecting to make it out alive in time for dinner, then I don't need to be afraid of where I am either. Time to get stuff done.