Iwan Baan, Can I have your job?

by Sydney Franklin

Two years ago when Hurricane Sandy left Washington, D.C. a little frazzled, I was out of school and upset that we had to miss Halloween. But months later when visiting the MoMA, I came across an amazing photo by Dutch architectural photographer Iwan Baan. This photograph demonstrated the power that this disaster had over my future city. 

His poster of Sandy's effect on New York hung on my wall for a year and half until I moved here to Syracuse, reminding me of the city's strength and what an incredibly high ISO can do on a tumultuous dark night. Now that I'm actually in the field on architecture, I'm starting to realize just how important and far-reaching his work has been over the years. Hovering above skyscrapers all over the world with his camera, Baan seems to have the coolest job I think I've ever heard of. Check out this article from the Wall Street Journal on his career.