The Brain on 23

by Sydney Franklin

A ridiculously poignant article was published yesterday on the HuffPost College Blog about being 23. Below are highlights of my favorite thoughts from the author. 

"We work hard in jobs we aren't sure we want to make those fancy degrees feel worth it, and we date people we aren't sure we love to making everything feel less lonely."

"Most of our conversations these days center on assuring one another we are going to be okay. We are proud of each other but hard on ourselves. When a friend does something as simple as cooking a food more complex than pasta, we applaud her, yet we berate ourselves for not yet having a corner office or a bestselling memoir or a thriving startup."

"We dance all night to Taylor Swift because she understands. We love who we want, and we hate labels." 

"We have few obligations, yet we are always stressed, wondering if life will ever be more certain."

"We waste time the same way we did in college, only now doing so makes us uncomfortable."

"Because for most of us, at 23 life detonates as we suddenly forget why we chose that major or moved to this city or loved that person. All we want is to understand who we are, and we can't. Only time will tell us."

Author, whoever you are and wherever you are, I want to say thank you. Thank you for getting us and getting us right. Thank you for being bold. Thank you for making me proud to be such a 23-year-old.