by Sydney Franklin

I absolutely want the job of New York Times reporter Emily Rueb. Her articles, like this one surveying the various goings-on underneath the city's streets, are always jam-packed with information and usually involve the agency I work for in one way or the other.

My favorite quotes from this piece:

"Driving or cycling on a freshly paved road is a rare thrill in New York City."
Ain't that the truth? What I wouldn't give...

"The truth is that no one really knows what’s there until the digging begins. Workers in the field sometimes call it ‘peek and shriek.’" 
CMs truly are the Sherlock Holmes of the construction world.

*did not plan on using that many variations of the word true


by Sydney Franklin

"Sound defines, animates and enlarges the architecture. If only subliminally, we also know, by contrast, when sounds spoils architecture because it fails to correspond to function. The bygone Shea Stadium in Queens was joyless partly because the design of its low, wide semicircle dissipated the sound of a cheering crowd into Flushing Bay. Fenway Park in Boston is the reverse; it concentrates hometown joy."

- Dear Architects, Sound Matters by Michael Kimmelman

Architecture Mysticism and Myth

by Sydney Franklin

"Old architecture lived because it had purpose. Modern architecture, to be real, must not be a mere envelope without contents...The message will still be of nature and man, of order and beauty, but all will be sweetness, simplicity, freedom, confidence and light...The new, the future, is to aid life and train it, so that beauty may flow into the soul like a breeze."

William Lethaby

Chasing the sun

by Sydney Franklin

There's a history through her, sent to us as a gift from the future, to show us the proof. More than that, it's to dare us to move and to open our eyes and to learn from the sky. From a cemetery in the center of Queens. You said remember that life is not meant to be wasted. We can always be chasing the sun. 

All we can do is try and live like we're still alive. 

Key to Confidence

by Sydney Franklin

Work hard, know your shit, show your shit, and then feel entitled. Listen to no one except the two smartest and kindest adults you know, and that doesn't always mean your parents. If you do that, you will be fine. - Mindy Kaling, Glamour

LEGO Architecture

by Sydney Franklin

I had the privilege of riding across this striking bridge several times over the past few weeks on bike and in the car. And I loved being able to see at least the peaks of the bridge from any vantage point in the city. With the 10th anniversary of the Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge opening in Charleston, the Post and Courier teamed up with LEGO certified professionals to build a replica of the structure! Check it out. Lego architecture is the coolest.